Secrets to Overcome Witchcraft

Discover how to grow your spirit of discernment so that you can avoid being deceived.

Fruit of Witchcraft

How do you know if you are being affected by spells or the spirit of witchcraft? Learn the about fruit that witchcraft produces.

Know Truth

It is the truth that sets us free, so we must learn the Word of God. It is this truth that becomes the doctrine that we live by.

This course will help you....

  • Understand the spirit of witchcraft and types of witchcraft
  • Discover how to avoid operating in witchcraft
  • Break spells and curses over your life
  • Learn the difference between secrecy and transparency
  • Grow your ability to discern good from evil
  • Develop your ears and heart for sound truth and avoid deception

Comprehensive Study of Witchcraft Trailer

Witchcraft is a forbidden practice in the Word of God, but many may be operating in it unaware. Discover how to resist witchcraft, break spells, and much more. Discover more and be set free.

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