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Sr. Pastor Richard Neusch

True Life Church

I have known Herb and Kennisha for several years and have worked alongside them in ministry. They carry not only a pure heart but an unwavering passion for the Lord. Ever since I have known them they have had an unrelenting passion for healthy families. They have fought the good fight when it comes to family and the Lord has rewarded them with some real keys for the battle.

In their "Warrior's Training" course, they share some of their insights to not only staying in the battle, but in winning the battle. These principles came out of their own journey. In essence, they are offering us the opportunity to glean insight and tools that they have already tested and proven. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend this training.

Elder, Charlene McGill

Restoring God's Family

I'd gotten a little complacent in recent years about my studies. I still studied but not in depth and I was basically just taking in knowledge and not sharing it. I've gotten back to deeper studies and sharing what I learn! I'm growing again in the Lord.

Sr. Pastor Mark Westerfield

Central Church

I love what God has birthed through Herb and Kennisha. Warrior's Training is a dynamic discipleship program that could really strengthen churches. It introduces believers, not only into the family of Christ and the Kingdom of God but also to the warfare. It is biblically based and creatively designed to take believers deeper and wider.

Each lesson in Warrior's Training highlights a biblical man or woman who overcame throughout the scriptures. It also integrates strategic warfare keys throughout. I'd recommend it to any believer seeking to overcome.